Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make your next relationship a success! READ!

My goal is to turn you into a light for all to be inspired by your radiating smile because you feel better about yourself every day! This is because you are constantly reminding yourself that every day is a new day and we get to start over. The past is there for us to learn our lessons. For those of you who have recently divorced (good for all of us really), take time for some major introspection and think how you were part of the problem and what lessons were there for you. This is critical before you even consider a new relationship; happiness does NOT depend on the other person, it has to radiate from the inside. How do you get through any tough time?....READ READ READ. And this means for men too. Suggested reading: Read THE FIVE LANGUAGES OF LOVE, MASTERY OF LOVE, or PATH TO LOVE. Ladies, read THINK LIKE A MAN by Steve Harvey. Want your next relationship to work? Do the work. Path to Love order now! Five Languages of Love Order now! Mastery of Love Good one! Order now! So curl up and read...................enjoy. Take notes..... hugs Claudia

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This is an amazing book for all the entrepreneurs in this group....never mind,.....all of us!  It gets to the core of why we are here on this earth.  It inspires you to zero in on what is important to you and offers you step by step on how to reach those dreams.  We are working too much, stressing too much, in ruts, and before we know it, we are too old to have adventures.  Author suggests that we all take mini retirements throughout our life.
For those who are considering a Kindle, here are the choices: Kindle Store: Over One Million Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Blogs We are getting together to discuss this book in October! So start reading and take notes! I want to hear your 5 choices! I will tell you mine if you tell me yours! Enjoy, Claudia

Monday, February 28, 2011

Books that change your life! I'm just beginning!

We have all read life changing books, well this is one that will impact your life.  Want to stop thinking and living in the past?  To go forward, we must stay present so pick up this book and take your time to read it.  It is not a weekend book.  It is so powerful that it needs a slow read so you can analyze it and apply it slowly.  I highly recommend it so you can let go of that mind chatter and move forward.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Favorite movies!

Cover of "Liar Liar [HD DVD]"Cover of Liar Liar [HD DVD]Next time you want to chill out with your friends and want to just have a glass of wine or popcorn and watch a movie, here is a list of possibilities.  The list was derived from 10 of us that sat around one lazy Saturday evening and discussed our favorites!  I am sure there are 100 more, but this is a start.  As I get more favorites, I will add them.  As you look at the list, you may notice that I did not include depressing or violent movies.  I think when we sit down to relax, it is time to be inspired or even better to laugh.  So, enjoy...
Romantic Comedies:
Steel Magnolias, Blind Side, Serendipity (favorite), Must have Dogs, Must Love Dogs, Under the Tuscan Sun, Same Time Next Year, For the Love of the Game, My Greek Wedding.
Beautiful Mind, bull Durham, The Right Stuff, Apollo 13
Blazing Saddles, national lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Monty Python movies, Airplane, Liar Liar (favorite)
So if you have one you are aching to share with us, send me an email and I will add to our list!  Send email to: 
Happy watching...........Claudia
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